Semi-Charmed Life | Third Eye Blind

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This is a great song from Third Eye Blind. We play this song in the key of “G”, and the guitar chart and lyric sheet we use for open mic night and live performances are available below for your reference. If you prefer to use different guitar tabs or chord charts, we can accomodate any variations.


G             D           G5/D     Cadd9 
Do, do do     do, do, do, do       do, do, do  do, do, do do (x2)

Keep repeating this progression:
G             D           G5/D     Cadd9 



  How do i get back to the place where I fell asleep inside you?
  How do i get myself back to, the place where you said...


Go back to the progression until

(not listening when you say...)
     C       G/B       Am
Goodbye                       (x2)

On the third "goodbye" go back to the main riff

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