Lightning Crashes | Live

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This is a great song from Live. We play this song in the key of “F”, and the guitar chart and lyric sheet we use for open mic night and live performances are available below for your reference. If you prefer to use different guitar tabs or chord charts, we can accomodate any variations.

Listen to Song to get rhythm

F               C                              G
    Lightning Crashes..... an new mother cries
F             C                        G
    Hopeless center falls to the floor
 F         C                            G                       F
              The angel opens her eyes....The confusion sets in
           C                               G
Before the doctor can even close the door

F               B                      G
   Lightning crashes a old mother dies
F       B                           G
  Her in tensions fall, to the floor 
F        B                        G                                F
           The angel closes her eyes , the confusion that was hers
           B                         G
belongs now to the baby down the hall

F       C       G
Whoa I feel it, comin back again
F       C       G  
 Like a rollin, thunder chasing the wind
F      C                   G                         F
Forces pulling towards the center of the earth again
      C      G
I can Feel it

Verse 2
Lightning Crashes, a new mother cries
In this moment she's been waiting for
The angel opens her eyes
pale blue colored eyes
presents the circle, and puts the glory out to hide, hide


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