Dust On The Bottle | David Lee Murphey

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This is a great song from David Lee Murphey. We play this song in the key of “B”, and the guitar chart and lyric sheet we use for open mic night and live performances are available below for your reference. If you prefer to use different guitar tabs or chord charts, we can accomodate any variations.

Intro:  B, F#, E, B, G#, F#, E

Play intro twice:

B        F#      E       B      G#       F#     E     E       E

     p       p       p       p       p       p
     A       A       A       A       A       A
4-4  u       u  1-1  u  4-4  u       u       u   1     1       1-|
4-4  s  4-4  s  2-2  s  4-4  s  6-6  s  4-4  s   2     2       2-|
2-2  e  4-4  e  2-2  e  2-2  e  6-6  e  4-4  e   2     0-2     2-|
x-x     2-2     x-x     x-x     4-4     2-2      0     0---------|       x

(on the second B, hammer from 0 to 2 on the 5th string for the rest of
the song)

B          F#          E                     B
Creole Williams, lived down the dirt road,
G#                      F#              E
made home made wine like nobody I know.
B          F#          E                      B
I dropped by one Friday night and said, can ya help me Creole?
G#                      F#              E
I got a little girl waitin on me and I, wanna treat her right, he said
F#                       G#               E
I got what ya need son, it's sitting down in the cellar.
F#                       G#               E                F#
Its just been waitin' for a night like tonight, but

B             F#          E          B
There might be, a little dust on the bottle,
G#                F#              E
but don't let it fool ya, about what's inside.
B             F#          E          B
There might be, a little dust on the bottle,
G#                        F#             E
it's just one of those things, that gets sweeter with time.

B				F#			E	B
You were sitting on the porch swing as I, pulled up the driveway,
G#			F#			E
my old heart was racing as you, climbed inside.
B				F#		E		B
You slide a little bit close as we, drove down to the lake road,
G#			F#		   E
and watched the sun fade in that big red sky.


F#				G#				E
I reached under the front seat and said, now here's something special.

F#			G#		    E 		F#
It's just been waitin', for a night like tonight, but -  Chorus:


F#              G#          E                        B
You're still with me, we'll make some memories,
F#	     G#	        E
after all these years there's one - thing - I've found.
F#             G#             E            B
Some say good love, it's like a fine wine,
F#             G#                    E             F#
it keeps gettin' better, as the days roll by  . . . but


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