Black Velvet | Alanah Miles

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This is a great song from Alanah Miles. We play this song in the key of “D#m”, and the guitar chart and lyric sheet we use for open mic night and live performances are available below for your reference. If you prefer to use different guitar tabs or chord charts, we can accomodate any variations.

Intro: [whispering unintelligible phrase "..?  you enjoy yourself all day..?"]

D#m  (with blues fills)
          Mmmmm     mmmm    oooooo  (ad lib)

Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell

Jamie Rogers on the victrola up high

Mamas dancing - baby on her shoulder

The sun is setting like molasses in the sky
    A#                               G#
The boy could sing and knew how to move  -  everything
F#                      C#
Always wanting more    -   it leaves you longing for

                G#m                     C#
Chorus:         Black Velvet in that little boy's smile
                G#m                       E            B       (or C#/F maybe?)
                Black Velvet with that slow southern style
                G#m                      C#
                A new religion that'll bring you to your knees
                 B7       A#7    (no chord)       D#m
                Black Velvet   -   if you please

Up in Memphis the music is like a heat wave
White Lightnin'  -  bound to drive you wild
Mamas baby is in the heart of every school girl
Love me Tender leaves em cryin' in the isles

The way he moved it was a sin - so sweet and true
Always wanting more it leaves you longing for


G#m                   A#                         D#m
Every word of every song that he sang is for you
G#m                  E          B7         	A#7  (no chord)      D#m
In a flash he was gone  -  it happened so soon    -    what could you do?


-CHORUS-   2x

fade out on D# with blues fills   (  vocals repeat "if you please")

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